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About Noble Metal Services

  • Located in Rhode Island, the former Jewelry Capital of the World, Noble Metal Services has been a leader in the refining and processing of Precious Metal bearing Scrap since its inception in 1998.
  • Let our expertise and exceptional customer service help get you get better returns on your scrap without the hassle!

Working with Noble

  • Noble Metal Services is a precious metal refiner. We work with all different sized companies across many industries to turn precious metal-bearing scrap material into resources that drive our customer’s business.
  • If you have scrap that contains any percentage of precious metal that you would like to recover or sell, we can set up a recovery program that suits your specific needs.

How metal prices are set

  • Much like the stock market, where companies are valued based on supply and demand; precious metals are also traded on an open market. Because precious metals are used for countless manufacturing applications, prices are “fixed” at certain points of the day to allow banks and manufacturers to settle contracts at a set price for that day. These prices are published daily in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Noble has the ability to lock pricing (or hedging) and advance funds when appropriate. We will be glad to answer any questions you have about hedging.